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Hachiraito Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition



This Website / Discord is operated by Official Hachiraito Team. Throughout the Website / Discord, the terms “we” “us” and “our” refer to Official Hachiraito Team.

Please read these carefully about this Terms and Condition before completing your Transaction with us. You must read, understand, accept and agree to all the terms and conditions in this Agreement.

These Terms and Condition apply to all visitor of the Website and to all member who join in Official Hachiraito Discord Server.

By completing the Transaction we assume that you already read, understand, and agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.



We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

You agree not to Reproduce, Duplicate, Copy, Sell, Resell, Share, Leaking or Trading our Car Mods in any form.

You agree not to Re-Edit, Extract, Open Model or Detach our Car & Parts without our Permission.

We accept Refund but in under acceptable reason and valid document.

The Heading used in this Agreement are included for convenience only and will not limit or otherwise affect these Terms.



We always try to provide product descriptions and display as accurate as possible the colors and image of our products that appear at the Website. But we cannot 100% guarantee that all images content contained on the website are accurate on your computer monitor’s display.

We do not guarantee that the quality of all our products that you have purchased will meet your expectations.



If in certain circumstances there is an error in pricing or information about a particular product caused by a typing error (Typo), We reserve the right to refuse orders that use the wrong price and you must pay with the correct price.

Price for our products are subject to change without notice.



Essential Tier

1. Essential Tier only get mod 5 mod that available that month for the tier, if at the month you buying the tier and there is a new mod launch , the oldest mod available will be removed and replaced by the new one. If on that month you forgot to download the removed cars , you WILL NOT get the cars. Please always aware to the rotation and the car list.

Example : You are an Essential Tier in January and got 5 cars, but in the same month there is an addition of mod that available for the Essential Tier , the oldest mod that you have the access will be removed and will not return. But in exchange you got the new mod that been put for essential tier. if the addition is available for the Essential Tier and you are not the member of that Tier anymore, You will not get the addition mod.

2. There is an mod rotation for the Essential Tier, there will always 5 cars that available for Essential tier , if there is a new release for the tier, then the oldest mod will be moved to be purchased separately on a pack or standalone cars. The other 4 will stay for the Essential Tier member including the new one.


Exclusive Tier

1. Exclusive have the same benefit like Essential tier and also got Access to 1 of any volume pack of your choice.

2. If the Exclusive Tier Patron is already claimed all the volume pack that available to choice, the chance to claim a free pack will be available when a new pack is come.

Example : You already got all the volume pack from claiming it each month , and you don’t have any volume pack to choose left then your chance to claim it will be available when a new volume pack will be launch. The chance will be NOT added each month so when you run out of choice on january but the pack is launch on march you only got the claim from march. the claim from febuary will be void.



Every Customers who want to Commission / Request custom car mods for Grand Theft Auto V limited at 2 Request only and can do another request again after the previous request are done and removed from the Queue List.

Commission / Request that we are accepting are only a modification aftermarket part for the base car that already exist not create the entire full base car from scratch to bodykit,rims,etc.

The Difficulty of the Bodykit,rims,etc are affected the commission price so each car you request the commission price are not equalized.

Every Customers who want to Commission / Request custom car mods for Grand Theft Auto V must be clear of what you want to make. You have to consult to us first before make the payment and tell us in detail what car,bodykit,rims, etc. You also need to send us the full image reference you want us to make.

Customers who Commission / Request throught Patreon by becoming R-Tier and G-Tier request are considered as HR Commission (Regular Commission).

We will provide every progress to you for the car that you commissioned / requested, By that we assume you already know and agree how it look if the car is done.



Only the Original Person who bought the mod can request a fix if something happened to the mod, We will first check your Email, Discord Account or Facebook Account and Purchase Receipt. If all of those data were correct then we can proceed to fix it. If not we can’t fix the mod for you and we will consider you as a Trader and Reseller.

If you bought or purchase our mod and you have a complain about the 3D Model or Game convertion, if in our sole judgement the 3D Model & Game Convertion problem is not really fatal and still playabel on the game and not causing crash,bug, or other game failure then we can’t proceed your complain.

If you commissioned us and the file is already has been send to you we don’t accept revision unless it’s very fatal (Convertion to game only revision not 3D Object).



G-Tier Priority Queue jump are only for patreon customers in this case are R-Tier and G-Tier, Regular commission are not affected by this Priority and stay in the Queue List position.

Our Queue List slot are limited to 20 List only above those number we automatically decline the request. We will accept request again after the Queue List number goes down to 10.

Customers are not allowed to buy Queue List slot to prevent other customers to do commission / request.

Any customers who bought R-Tier and G-Tier from patreon when the queue list are still at 20 those request are will be listed after the number are down to 14 and only for 2 car request (2 month of subscription on Patreon) more than that customers need to wait until the number goes down.

You can pay $15 per list for climbing up the Queue List from your position, if the queue is already 19 and you want to request a car you will be placed on the 20. If you pay $15 you will be placed on 19 and the cars that in 19 position will be moved on the 20. If you pay $150 then you will skip 10 list your requested car will be placed on 10 from 20. This can be apply for up to 2 cars that you requested so if you request 2 cars on the list then you pay $150 for the Queue climbing your 2 cars will be placed on 10 and 11 from 19 and 20 position. You only have 1 chance to climbing up the Queue, If another customer want to climbing up the Queue List but you are the first one at that position by Climbing up the queue list too, Then the another customer will be placed under your position.



Customers can buy our “License” for the mod itself not the pure 3D Model. You need the license for make your requested mod Exclusively for you only. So we won’t release it or publish it to other individual member to purchase. But keep in mind that our internal Team can still use the mod for Screenshot and for our Promote purposes.

The License cost $50 each car. Example if you request 2 Cars and then you want to License both of it so you need to pay $100 for each of the car you requested.

These “License” can only last for 1 Year, After more than 1 Years since you pay for it the license will automaticly gone and it’s not Exclusively for you only, which mean we can release it or publish it to other individual member to purchase. You can also re-new the “License” for more 1 Year (Only for the original person who requested the mod).

You can’t License a car that Fully made by us from the Base to the Kit.



Our mod is originally made for Offline not for FiveM but we can make it work for FiveM and we also trying our best to make our mod fully support for FiveM.

Please contact us or our Community Manager at our Discord Server to choose what our mod will be use for Offline or FiveM. We will give you the FiveM Ready version if you want to use it for FiveM.

We don’t allow resource sharing that contain our mod.

If you want to use our mod to your server, You are the one who have the right for the use of the mod. In case anything happened with the server and you are not the part of the server anymore you need to remove our mod from the resource and you can use it somewhere else. But you are not allowed to duplicate our mod from server to another server (You need to remove it first from the server and use it at other server).

If you or your server get caught holding our assets from Unauthorized Party, Leaker, Trader, and Reseller and using it on your server getting benefit, and attract player for your server from it, You must pay the price for each asset you have on your resource.




– Untuk Region Indonesia , kami memberlakukan KEBIJAKAN BARU dimana untuk PEMBELIAN SATUAN DI TIADAKAN dikarenakan lebih banyaknya PEMBELIAN SERVER dibanding PEMBELIAN PERSERO.

– Setelah melakukan Analisa terhadap pembelian di REGIONAL INDONESIA , kami akan memberlakukan kebijakan sebagai berikut :

  1. Khusus untuk MOD yang sudah berstatus ToS COMPLIANCE (Dimulai dari 944HR, dst.) akan dilakukan system MOD PACK dimana MOD PACK itu akan berisi 5 Mobil Berkelipatan Terhitung dari mobil Terlama sampai ke Mobil ke 5 setelah mobil Terlama.
    (Contoh : Misalkan Pihak Server belum pernah membeli mobil ToS COMPLIANCE sebelumnya , maka perhitungan 5 Mobil akan dimulai dari 944 HR hingga Mobil ke 5 yang di rilis, apabila server sudah memiliki 944 HR maka mobil pertama akan dihitung setelah 944 HR. Apabila disaat waktu transaksi ternyata mobil TOS COMPLIANCE masih kurang dari 5 maka setiap ada mobil ToS COMPLIANCE BARU , HACHI akan langsung memberikan akses kepada semua pihak yang sudah melakukan transaksi MOD PACK tersebut.)

– Dikarenakan dari hasil analisis ditemukannya banyak server yang menggunakan MOD dari HACHIRAITO untuk BENEFIT didalam SERVER masing – masing dengan mematok harga yang TINGGI dibandingkan harga satuan MOD HACHIRAITO itu sendiri , maka untuk system payment akan dibuat menjadi seperti :

  1. Setiap PIHAK SERVER yang ingin memiliki MOD PACK berisi 5 MOBIL ToS COMPLIANCE dari HACHIRAITO akan diwajibkan melakukan BAGI HASIL untuk Setiap MOBIL HACHIRAITO yang TERJUAL sebagai BENEFIT di DALAM SERVER sebesar 25% dari hasil penjualan MOBIL HACHIRAITO yang termasuk di PACK tersebut, untuk HARGA yang di keluarkan oleh SERVER kami bebaskan Kembali kepada kebijakan SERVER masing – masing.

(Contoh : Misalkan Server sudah mempunyai Mobil ToS COMPLIANCE dari HACHIRAITO dan ingin menggunakannya sebagai BENEFIT PLAYER di dalam SERVER , maka SETIAP MOBIL TERSEBUT TERJUAL di dalam SERVER , HACHIRAITO BERHAK menerima 25% dari hasil PENJUALAN.)

  1. Untuk SERVER yang PERTAMA kali melakukan pembelian ToS COMPLIANCE Mod Pack diwajibkan untuk melakukan DEPOSIT sejumlah Rp. 500.000 yang nantinya akan dipotong dari Pembagian Penjualan. DEPOSIT ini hanya berlaku 1 (satu) kali saja , apabila server sudah pernah melakukan deposit dan ingin melanjutkan ke Mod Pack selanjutnya maka Hachiraito akan memberikan Mod Pack tersebut tanpa biaya.

(Contoh : Bulan ini SERVER memiliki TOTAL PEMBAGIAN kepada HACHIRAITO sebesar Rp. 5.000.000 , maka SERVER hanya perlu memberikan Rp. 4.500.000 kepada HACHIRAITO dikarenakan adanya DEPOSIT.)

  1. Setiap SERVER yang nantinya sudah menjalani KEBIJAKAN terbaru ini harus menyiapkan laporan penjualan KHUSUS MOBIL HACHIRAITO yang ada di dalam MOD PACK se lambat – lambatnya tanggal 28 (dua puluh delapan) di SETIAP BULANNYA. Untuk pembayaran se lambat – lambatnya setiap tanggal 1 (satu) di bulan berikutnya. Apabila ada kendala dan keterlambatan harap KONFIRMASI ke Penanggung Jawab Regional Indonesia (Sling).

– Dikarenakan Kami juga menemukan MARAKNYA aset Kami yang ditemukan di SERVERPACK dari SERVER yang sudah pernah membeli tetapi harus BUBAR dan resource nya di PERJUAL BELIKAN melalui MOD PACK, maka Apabila SERVER yang sudah menjalani kebijakan ini mengalami SENGKETA maupun MASALAH INTERNAL yang menyebabkan SERVER HARUS DITUTUP / BUBAR , maka seluruh BENEFIT dari ToS COMPLIANCE Mod Pack akan dinyatakan HANGUS. Apabila ingin mendapatkan BENEFIT ini KEMBALI , maka HARUS MENGULANG PERSYARATAN KEMBALI DARI AWAL. (Termasuk Deposit).

– HACHIRAITO BERHAK melakukan PEMBATALAN apabila SERVER dinyatakan TIDAK KOMPETEN atau adanya PERMASALAHAN yang terjadi.

Apabila ada pertanyaan perihal KEBIJAKAN baru ini bisa hubungi SLING.



You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Hachiraito Team. Harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’fees, made by any third-party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms and Condition or the document they incorporate by reference, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third-party.



It is your responsibility if one of your developer, server manager, server moderator, or anyone who have the privilage to your server storage are Reproduce, Duplicate, Copy, Sell, Resell, Share, Leaking or Trading our Car Mods in any form.

If in our sole judgement you fail, or we suspect that you have failed to comply with any term or provision of these Terms and Condition, We have reserve the right to terminate all of your Commission Deal including the License for each car that you requested and Membership with us at any time without notice and there is no refund in any form because that cause and you will remain liable for all amounts of losses incurred.

We also will Blacklist you from buying any of our product including Exclusive content on our Patreon and can’t make a commission request. We will spoil you and your server (if you being caught holding our assets from Unauthorized Party, Leaker, Trader, and Reseller and using it on your server getting benefit)  to our community and GTA Modding Community in general that you and your server are violating our Terms and Condition which in this case is Reproduce, Duplicate, Copy, Sell, Resell, Leaking or Trading.



You can review the most current version of the Terms and Condition at any time at this page.

We reserve the right, at our sole discreation, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms and Condition by posting updates and changes to our Website / Discord Server. It is your responsibility to check our Website / Discord Server periodically for changes. Your continued membership to us and if your commission / request has not been done yet, Following the posting of any changes to these Terms and Condition constitutes acceptance of those changes.



Question about the Terms and Service should be sent to us at or direct messege our Community Manager ( @SLING ) at our official Discord server.